Large Animal Services

For all farm business needs in Shropshire

From smallholdings to the largest agricultural holdings, our Farm Animal Practice (Brownlow Vets) provides a full health care service for all farm business needs within the Shropshire Welsh borders area.

Routine visits are available 8:30am - 6:00pm with a full 24-hour emergency service out of normal working hours.

We strongly believe in preventative medicine and we have a proven track record in establishing realistic and cost-effective preventative health care systems on farms, minimising loss from preventable disease such as:

  • Pneumonia in cattle
  • Orf in sheep
  • Infectious abortion in pigs

The practice has invested in the most up-to-date herd health planning software, including disease cost calculators so we can illustrate the true costs of disease on your farm.

The practice has much experience in routine fertility and pregnancy diagnosis, as well as offering a full mastitis and high cell count investigation service to prevent financial loss and expensive penalties on milk price when cell count starts to rise.

In addition, the farm practice is always ready to attend to an emergency call - whatever time of the day or night!

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